The PlayBag Story How it came to be....

Every small business starts with a spark of inspiration, followed by big dreams. Here is the story of how the PlayBag came into existence back in 2012.

The idea was born

I left my full-time career as a secondary school teacher when my son was born in 2010 as I didn’t want to miss out on any of his childhood. I loved being a stay-at-home mum and enjoyed having time to indulge my creative spirit by making things for him and the home.

One evening after he went to bed, I had been wondering how I would be able to keep him happy and occupied while I was out at appointments or meetings. I have never liked seeing young children being handed technology to keep them quiet but understood the frustrations of being out with young children when they’re bored and restless. It got me thinking that a perfect solution would be to have some sort of all-in-one play mat, that could be quickly packed away and brought out whenever needed. It had to be compact, fun, lightweight and be able to hold his attention.

It is funny to look back on this first PlayBag. I literally raided the fabric scraps I had lying around… old clothes, curtains, whatever I could find. I had a very basic, lightweight mini sewing machine…. The type you would buy for £30! But my idea worked!!!

It was a win-win. He was kept happily playing within my line of vision, and I was calm and relaxed watching him content and lost in his own imaginative world.

It was portable, practical and totally stress free.

From prototype to product

Although this first PlayBag was a huge success with him, it was far from perfect, so I set about modifying the design. I added a Velcro flap at the top to keep the contents secure. Started using stronger straps and poppers and changed the way it was bordered and finished off. The result was much neater, and the basic design hasn’t changed much since then.

Still at this stage, I had no intention of making them to sell! I sat on the idea for another 2 years before taking the plunge. I had had so many people ask me about them whenever we were out. I could see other children looking at Peter enviously while we were out for dinner. I realized that I had nothing to lose.

The PlayBag was officially launched in March 2015.


Developing the range

Some designs have come and gone over the years, but our most popular ones are here to stay. In designing the PlayBags, inspiration can come from anywhere, from watching Peter play and looking at what toys he uses, to finding inspiration in films.

We also launched the Mini range in 2016, which proved very popular, especially as they are much easier for children to pack up and carry themselves. They also can be used in much smaller spaces.

I have so many ideas currently brewing, which I hope to add to the shop in the near future.

Looking to the future.

Since starting up The PlayBag Company in 2015, so much has changed both personally and professionally.

I’m in a happy place now and feeling inspired and excited about the future of my business.

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