PlayBag Animations

Although the PlayBag was created to give children tech free imaginative play time, we also understand that technology plays a huge part in the lives of most people nowadays. 

As Peter has become older, and does not play with small world toys as much as he once did, the PlayBag still features as a  backdrop to his stop motion animation videos.

Here are a selection of videos made by Peter over the last few years, using nothing more than a PlayBag, some toys, an IPad or phone and a free stop-motion app. He has both alone and with friends spent hours absorbed in what he was doing. 

Sylvanian Mystery

Peter created this stop motion animation in 2019, age 8.

This video remains one of my favourites to date... he made up the storyline himself and I think it has elements of mystery and humour. Hope you like it!  :) 

May The Fourth be with you

One from May 2020 for Star Wars Day.

OK! So not really sure about the storyline on this one, but hey! Who says it has to make sense right?

Love the footsteps appearing on the purple clearing though haha!!!


Easter Island

Another one from 2019, this time for Easter.

We love playing on words, so thought it would be funny to have our Easter animation, based around Easter Island. A little time spent on Ebay to find Moai figure chocolate moulds and we had ourselves an idea! I love the ending to this one!! Haha!!


The Gruffalo

Our very first stop motion animation back in 2017!

Ok, so looking back it is pretty bad, and yes... my hand does feature quite a bit by accident, but hey... we were still learning and having fun.

We hope to re-do this video at some point soon, so hope you appreciate our first attempt!!

Little Red Riding Hood

Here is one we did from 2018 for World Book Day.

It's all in the small details... did you spot the skunk sneaking into Red's bag early on, then later making it's escape??