Frequently Asked Questions

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About the PlayBag

You're in the right place if you're wondering whether the PlayBag is right for you!

The PlayBag is a play mat and toy bag in one. It was designed to make life easier for parents getting out and about with young children age 2-9 without the need for technology. It is designed to appeal to both boys and girls to stimulate imagintive play. 

The PlayBag is designed to stimulate imaginative play, therefore is suitable for children from around age 2, when they start interacting with their toys, up until 7 or 8 years old. However, this is not prescriptive... I have seen teenagers having fun with them. If they enjoy small world play, then it makes the perfect backdrop.

Additionally, the PlayBag can be used in many ways. Older children enjoy using the PlayBag as a backdrop for their photography and stop motion animation projects. 

Although, the PlayBag is aimed t children from around 2 years of age, most of our PlayBags can be used by babies as they are made from super soft plush fabrics which are extremely tactile. The 3D features are soft enough to roll on and still pop back up. However, the PlayBags which use the long pile “grass” fabrics such as The Shire and The Garden PlayBags are not recommended for children under 18 months. All our minis are safe for under 2's, and the Maxi Enchanted Garden has a squeaky flower with crunchy petals, which appeal to all ages. 

Absolutely!! This was one of the essentials when we first designed the PlayBag. It is meant to be taken everywhere and used on a variety of surfaces, so your child has a clean and safe place to play. This inevitably means that it will end up on dirty surfaces such as gyms, grassy parks, and café floors etc. We recommend washing at 30-40 degrees and allowing to dry naturally. It is advised not to tumble dry or iron, however it does dry very quickly! 

This is really down to personal preference. We try to design our PlayBags to give the most varied backdrop to suit whatever you child is into. What is a fairy garden to one child could be a dinosaur island to another. It really depends upon which toys are used with the PlayBag.

We currently have two different sizes of PlayBag: the PlayBag Maxi which is the larger sized version, most suitable for overnight trips or the PlayBag Mini, which is ideal for travel as it fits perfectly on the lap, coffee table or train table. For more information on the dimensions of each of these, please see the relevant sections below.

Check out our Blog on choosing your perfect PlayBag here. 

The PlayBag has been tested for its safety as a toy and is CE marked: meeting EN71 safety standards.

When we first decided to sell our PlayBags, we found ourselves in an unusual position... is it a bag or is it a toy? As a bag, testing was not required. However, we wanted to  ensure that our products were as safe as possible so decided to undergo the testing to be on the safe side. 

The PlayBag Maxi is our full sized bag which opens out into a circular play area approximately 80cm in its mat form and 30cm high in its bag form. The Maxi is  lightweight at around 400-550g when empty, but strong enough to fit in plenty of toys (and PJ’s for an overnighter!)

The Maxi has two 3D features and closes up with three sets of poppers each side. 

The PlayBag Mini is our smaller version which is ideal for travel and for your little one to carry themselves. It is approximately 46cm diameter in its mat form and 14cm high by 24cm wide in its bag form.The Mini weighs approximately 190-205kg depending upon the model.

The Mini has one 3D feature and two sets of poppers each side. 

We do not currently sell the PlayBag with toys. We wanted it to be as open ended as possible, so didn't want to "prescribe" which sort of toys to use. The idea is that it can be used with any small toys that your child already has.

We do use a selection of our own toys for photography purposes on our website and social media to give you ideas of how to use your own toys. Rather like a serving suggestion!! lol!! 

If you would like your Playbag made up in different colours, please email us with your requirements. 

Using the PlayBag

Still trying to decide if the PlayBag is right for you? 

The PlayBag is very easy to use, and each one comes with its own “Care Card” which explains how to use and look after your PlayBag.

To make up into its bag form you simply start at one of the handles, and do up each set of poppers in turn, do the same at the other side, fill with toys and fold over the Velcro flap to secure everything inside.

For more guidance and video tutorials, head over to our YouTube channel. 

The PlayBag was designed to be used anywhere!! We take ours everywhere for spontaneous play! We find them especially useful while travelling to alleviate boredom, and for when we are eating out or attending appointments. Check out our PlayBag Adventures page for more ideas as to where you can use your PlayBag.

The PlayBag was born to travel. The PlayBag Mini is an ideal size for travel as it fits perfectly on the lap in cars and busses, or on tables in planes and trains. The Maxi also doubles as an overnight bag for the odd night away. Why not lay it on top of your duvet for an undulating interactive bedtime story!

We don’t like to be too prescriptive about this, as you are only limited by your imagination which knows no bounds!! However, we are particularly fond of wooden vehicles, Lego, Playmobil and character figures. Check out our blog on our top ten favourite toys to use with a PlayBag.

The PlayBag Maxi has plenty room for a good number of toys as well as some snacks and PJ’s if needed!

The PlayBag Mini is meant for shorter journeys, however it can still fit a good number of toys in it!

About the PlayBag Company

All about our values

We are very conscious of the environment and try to use as many local and ethical companies as we can. Being a small family business we also try and support other small businesses. We use eco mailbags to post our products out to you.

We also try to support a few of our favourite charities as much as possible. We donate 2.5% of all our takings to charity, which averages out to approximately £1 per PlayBag sold. We have big plans to increase this as our business grows!

Each new PlayBag design is thoroughly play tested by our resident play expert –  Peter! He will use each prototype to make sure that it meets his high standards and is suitable for lots of different play scenarios. Once any adjustments are made based on his observations and recommendations, and the design has been approved, it will then go into production.

Also, each of our new design groups have to undergo the rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the safety standards to gain their important CE mark. This includes ensuring that the fabrics used are safe and chemical free. We also have to ensure that they pass the flammability testing, and that the seams and straps are strong and fit for purpose.

We only use top quality materials for our PlayBags. We ensure that they are from trusted suppliers and meet all the safety standards.

We use high quality poly/cotton or canvas fabric for the exterior as they are hardwearing and easy to look after. The base is mostly polar fleece to give a nice soft surface, then the features are made from Shannon plush fabrics to give a lovely tactile feel. Finally, the roads are made from faux suede cloth to add a bit of variation.

I get asked this question a lot!

Not a straightforward answer. It does depend upon the model as some of the features such as the oversized flower on the Enchanted Garden take a lot of time to make. I also batch make the interiors at about 4-5 at a time, so I rarely will sit and make one complete PlayBag in one sitting! As a rough figure I often say about two and a half hours for a Mini and about three and a half for a Maxi.

We aim to post all PlayBags within one working day of receiving the order for PlayBags which are listed “in stock”. 

For Mainland UK, we post via Royal Mail first class, which tends to arrive within 1-2 days of posting. For international deliveries it can take 3-7 working days depending upon the country and their postal system. 

For custom PlayBags the estimated timescale for making your custom design and delivery will be discussed prior to the order being confirmed.

We offer free first class postage to UK Mainland. 

For international deliveries, please select your country from the drop down list to have the postage costs calculated. If your country is not listed, please do let us know and we will add it in. 

We take great pride in preparing your package, so it looks gorgeous when it is delivered. You will recognise your package in its lovely colourful eco-friendly mail bag. Inside it will be wrapped in contrasting tissue paper and sealed with one of our PlayBag stickers!

Inside your package, there will also be a colourful envelope which contains your PlayBag care card, which explains how to use and look after your PlayBag. (As you can see – we love colour here at the PlayBag company!!)

Our PlayBags are guaranteed for 12 months after the date of purchase, so if you do find any fault, please return to us to rectify. We want you to be happy with your decision to buy a PlayBag and hope that it give you and your children many happy stress free outings. 

See our Terms and Conditions for further information on your rights as a consumer.