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  1. We have been super busy over the last few weeks giving our shop an overhaul and a fresh new look! We hope you love it.

    Blog title new shop front

    So what’s different?

    We have upgraded all our product images to show each one individually. This means that you can see the exact outer colour of the PlayBag as well as many more images showing how it can be used. Kinda “serving suggestions” for PlayBags! ;)

    New Products

    We have also added some new products to give you even more choice. (I know that can sometimes make the decision on which PlayBag to buy harder!)

    We have added the Stepping Stones mini, which we love. It is like a mini version of our Enchanted Garden. It has a lush green clearing with stepping stones that lead over the river via a bridge.

    Also introducing the brand new Safari PlayBag which we designed in collaboration with one of our customers. It features a larger sized cave, with lush green leaves, a long vibrant red exotic “plant” area, and a bridge over the track.

    We think both these new designs will fire the imagination of your little one and allow you to take a bagful of imagination wherever you go.

    Two new designs

    New categories

    We have simplified our categories to make it clearer when you are browsing, showing each product category including their key features, with the products listed individually. We have also added a section for PlayBags that we have reduced – either as we have decided to discontinue them, have modified the design, or if there are imperfections (hmph – it does occasionally happen with handmade products!)

    You can also view all the PlayBags at once on the main shop front page.

    Let us know what you think.

    Debbie x