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  1. making life easier as a parent

    When first creating the PlayBag, (as I am sure you have heard me say many times before), I created it to make my life easier as a parent: to stop little fella bouncing off the walls while waiting for my daughter at training. However four years later, it still makes my life easier in so many other ways which I thought I would share with you here to inspire you to think about other ways you can use your PlayBag. 

  2. website


    Over the last few weeks, I have been very busy overhauling some of our systems here at The PlayBag company. Hopefully you will have had a chance to check out the changes to our website. We have added in lots of new pages, such as a Social Media page where you can see all our most recent tweets pins and posts in one place; an In the Media page, where you see some of the places we have advertised; a Testimonials page where I have started putting some of your lovely comments about our PlayBags; an Awards page which details our awards and nominations; an Events page which we will fill out with details of places you can find us; and lastly an Offers page so you can see all our current offers in one place.