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  1. Introducing the PlayBag mini adventurer series!

    arctic prototype

    Over the summer is an ideal time to play with new designs and test out our latest creations. Obviously, with having the children at home, normal routines can’t really continue. However, they both love to get involved in creating new designs and putting them together. Peter even controls the foot pedal on the sewing machine when making the prototypes, and is all too keen to let me know when he thinks of improvements on the designs! 

  2. Today is the 21st August and it is Senior Citizens Day!

    Lets’ face it. Times have changed, and it’s not always in the best interests of our elderly relatives. We are living longer, yet living further away from each other. Our lives are so fast paced that we don’t always look after our elders in the way that we should. My own mother lives over 300 miles away which makes regular visits difficult. Luckily, she is close to my sister and her family and still very independent herself.

    The coffee and cake bit…..


    This photo is taken from the book “Change the World for a Fiver” from the innovative company "Shift", formerly known as “We Are What we Do”. I think it is a lovely reminder of the fact that all ages deserve respect as we can learn so much from each other. 

  3. Last night I was fortunate enough to be out for a rare meal with friends, and yet again, the PlayBag came into its own! Although it was quite a late night for my little man, he quietly and contentedly played with his PlayBag once his meal was finished, allowing me to catch up on the latest happenings!

    As the summer holidays are now in full swing and we are taking a bit of a break from the usual routine, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite places to take the PlayBag.

    march 2015 064 - copy