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  1. Ok, so I’m going to be a little bit frivolous here. But I’ve been thinking a lot recently about inventions that have really had an impact on my life in general.

    Now I’m not talking about the big things here like cars, computers and washing machines, I’m thinking more about the little things that make my life personally more manageable, or that I just would not have done without. So here is my random selection of “luxury essentials”!

  2. The PlayBag Company is a small family run business in Northamptonshire. Here is a short biog of the main team players.


    That’s me! I am the owner and driving force behind the company, and handle the designing, making and selling side of things. I love the whole creative process from coming up with the ideas, drawing up designs, creating patterns, sourcing the best fabrics to finally putting together the final products.

    When I’m not busy creating PlayBags, I can usually be found indulging in one of my other passions: either woodcarving in my shed at the bottom of the garden, or watching Bollywood films.(On the odd occasion I find any spare time in between all the other wife and mother duties of course!). I have also been known to throw the odd baton twirling costume together…!

    me                   020


    My fourteen year old daughter and right hand woman! She is also my sounding board for any new ideas, proof-reader, photographer and she sometimes consents to being my model! Caitlin is also a fresh pair of eyes when it comes to quality checking – and trust me! She has an eye for detail and will pick up on any missed stitch!

    When she is not helping me with The PlayBag Company, or working her way through her massive load of homework, she is passionate about baton twirling and trains sometimes six or seven times a week, so we can often be found around sports halls. Hence one of the main reasons for creating the PlayBags in the first place!

    playbag april 2015 427            caitlin


    The inspiration behind the company and chief tester! He is always giving me new ideas for PlayBag and features. He is also very happy to test them out for me and make sure that they are robust enough to handle the rough playing of a four year old boy! Also The PlayBag Company’s top model.

    When he is not busy testing PlayBags he is mad about tractors and basically anything with wheels. He also loves going to steam rallies, and generally anything that involves getting outside and muddy!



    Bye for now!


  3. Quite frankly, the PlayBag is for me!

    I am a busy mum of two very different and active children. But sometimes, I end up being in places that perhaps aren’t very entertaining or child friendly, and nothing can frazzle a mum more than a bored child! Sometimes my daughter has to go training, which means Peter and I have two hours to play with. Not a problem if it is a nice day and there is a park nearby, but sometimes it is not all that easy. Plus going out and about always means spending more money!

    on the move with the playbag

    You know, sometimes I just want to go out for a coffee or to the hairdressers! Sometimes, dare I say it, I also don’t want to be disturbed by other people’s children! So I also don’t want my child disturbing other people’s peace!