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What goes into making your PlayBag?

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Blog What goes into creating your PlayBag-

The beauty of being a small business is that I am able to have control over every aspect of the production of the PlayBag and a lot of love and thought goes into each and every one. Today I wanted to share with you what goes into each PlayBag. 

Sourcing quality fabrics

Not just any fabrics will do when it comes to making the PlayBags. Firstly, as I decided to have the PlayBags CE tested, which means that they conform to UK safety standards as a toy, I cannot use just any fabric that I find on Ebay or the local market – no matter how lovely! All the fabrics have to conform to standards and come with a certificate. As you can imagine this does mean that sourcing quality fabrics is no easy feat!

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I had a bit of a heart-breaking moment last year when the lovely green long pile fabric that I used for grass was discontinued! I ended up spending a small fortune trying to find a replacement – but none were quite up to the same quality. It meant that I was left with a massive stock of unusable green fluffy fabric which ended up donating to a local primary school. (I have since been imagining a lot of child sized grinches running around the school!!)

Every aspect made by hand

All our PlayBags are made individually by hand. This means that each one has a quirky nature all of its own. No two PlayBags are exactly the same as is the nature with handmade items – but I feel that this adds to the charm. The PlayBags are also made in small numbers, I tend to only made about four or five at a time, and then often with different coloured exteriors.

Ethical suppliers

We are very choosy about who we buy our supplies from. Not only do they need to conform to safety standards, but where possible we try to use local, ethical small businesses. Again it is important to us that all the companies we use have the same high standards.

The personal touch

We keep a stock of ready made PlayBags available, however, we are also able to make up PlayBags to your own preferences if you want a different combination of those you see in the shop! We aim to offer a truly personal service, and each purchase is colourfully wrapped with love. It is important to us that you love your PlayBag as much as we do!

Our new prices

We have made the decision to raise our prices as of 2nd January 2017 to ensure that we can continue to give the time, love and quality fabrics that each PlayBag deserves,

The good news is that we have now incorporated postage and packaging into our prices, so there will be no additional cost for this.

  • The PlayBag Maxi will now cost £48 including P&P
  • The PlayBag Mini will now cost £35 including P&P
  • There will be no change to the price of the PlayBag Baby as I have sadly decided to discontinue this range.


Each of the points discussed above is worthy of a blog all of its own, which I will be addressing over the next few months, however, I just wanted to give you enough warning about the impending price increase to allow you to take advantage of the 2016 prices while there is still time!

Best wishes,

Debbie x

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