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  1. The Technology Gap

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    When we think back to twenty years ago, what do you feel is the thing that has changed the most? For me, I straight away thought, technology! Definitely! We have realy come a long way since VHS tapes and Walkmans; nowadays it almost seems like children are born with phones in their hands. The next generation with thumbs that could kill due to their strength from texting. So as a teenager who doesn't really have that much of a liking for technology (says she writing this on her laptop with her phone by her side), it really bugs me when I see children who know how to work an iPod before they can walk. But I mean, that's just my opinion of course!


    But that's why I like seeing kids using normal conventonal toys, such as ones similar to our PlayBags for a convenient example. Not to seem stone age or anything.... We created the PlayBag in order to keep little Peter occupied whilst I was at training and sure enough, from an idea to a creation, and then from a creation to a company we grew. Paired with whatever is lying around the bottom of our bags, he is entertained for hours, lost in his own little world of imagination. No matter where we are; whether that be in a car, somebody's house or even at a restaurant waiting for a meal, we can always count on our PlayBag to keep little Peter far from boredom.

    Do let us know what toys you use with your PlayBag and follow us on Social media to keep up with our latest creations and ideas for using your PlayBag.

    Caitlin x

  2. Happy Easter from The PlayBag Company

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    I love this time of year, as the world seems so full of promise. No matter what is going on in the rest of the world, the cycle of life continues. Gardens are starting to look colourful (although it has been known for us to be making snowmen in the Easter holidays before!!)

    It is also a good time to spring clean our lives and discard things that are no longer useful to us, and hopefully that includes a bit of time for us to recharge our batteries.  

    Here in Northamptonshire, we are nearing the end of our Easter Holidays (which started on 31st March), although I believe for most of you, Easter is right in the middle. Either way, I hope you are all having a lovely break and finding some time to relax.

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    We know that sometimes over the school holidays, whether it is a rainy day, or a car journey, you just need something to keep them busy. I also love putting together little activity sheets, (a throwback to my teaching days!), and hope to be able to do more of these in the future – so keep an eye out on our social media.

    Also, please email me on [email protected] if you would like me to email you a copy of the answer booklet 😊

    If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve our booklets, please do leave a comment below.

    Happy Easter!!

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    Debbie x