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  1. Keeping Cool this Summer

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    One day of heat and we have all gone into meltdown! Daughter’s school even had to close for the day which just goes to show that we are not prepared for any extremes of weather here in Old Blighty!

    Just in case this heatwave decides to continue this week we decided to share with you some of our favourite things for keeping cool.

    Facial spritz: nearly as good as having a bucket of water thrown at you! To make your own simply make a brew of green tea, allow to cool and pour into a spray bottle. Simple! Green tea has many benefits in natural cosmetics due to its calms the skin and has apparently got antiaging benefits! Bonus!!


  2. Celebrating Fathers!

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    OK! So it doesn’t exactly feel like midsummer yet, but this Sunday is the Summer Solstice. In theory the day of the year where we get the most sunlight, although looking at the forecast, we may be a little disappointed! Another reason to celebrate this Sunday is its Father’s Day!! Double bonus! Regardless of the weather, we will be celebrating both with a family garden BBQ! And hopefully making the most of the long evening.


  3. My favourite top five inventions

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    Ok, so I’m going to be a little bit frivolous here. But I’ve been thinking a lot recently about inventions that have really had an impact on my life in general.

    Now I’m not talking about the big things here like cars, computers and washing machines, I’m thinking more about the little things that make my life personally more manageable, or that I just would not have done without. So here is my random selection of “luxury essentials”!