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  1. Ready for the Festivities?

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    As I am writing this, I feel a little overwhelmed at the amount of things I need to be doing! If you have been following my blog, you probably know that me and my number one girl are heading out to Gambia next week! All very exciting! It does mean though that there has been a lot of preparatory work going on here at PlayBag HQ! As I am leaving the Hubby in charge of son and business, I have been busy writing instructions, giving him a crash course into my systems, and making sure that all the stock is in order and everything is prepared for things to run smoothly in my absence! I have lists coming out of my ears of things I need to pack for the journey and in the suitcases! I am hoping that Caitlin has managed to organise herself and there are no essentials that we have forgotten!


  2. Back to reality!

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    It seems to have come round super quick this year, but yes, it’s back to school and some sort of normality for parents. For some it is quite a momentous occasion, with young children starting primary school and older ones starting high school – both major stepping stones in a child’s life, but also a big leap for parents. With each transition comes a little bit of sadness that our helpless babe, we once held in our arms, is becoming more independent. Although also with this comes that bit of pride and reassurance that we are doing our job as parents well and (hopefully) sending into the big world a child that is loved and ready to learn and deal with life’s challenges.