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  1. Big Changes!

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    big changes blog

    This year has seen a lot of personal changes around here, the big one being the decision to home educate the smallest member of the PlayBag Team!

    This decision took a while to come to but it has definitely been the right one for us. We are lucky in that this can fit around business, and there is a huge Home School community in our area so he doesn’t miss out on the social side of things.

    We made this decision simply because little fella was not happy at school and was losing his love of learning. This was certainly not a reflection of the school or the teachers, it just didn’t seem to suit him or his style of learning.

    I have to say, things have been so much happier and calmer since we started this in September, and we are totally loving it. It also means that he can play a bigger part in the family business and learn entrepreneurial skills alongside his regular studies.

    So how does this affect the PlayBag Company?

    Well, it just means I have to be super organised! As we start home school at 7.30am, he gets some time off in the afternoon so I can catch up on business. I am also utilising evenings and weekends more. He comes with me to business meetings, where the PlayBag sure comes in handy when he is not busy helping me!

    It is a very exciting time for us, and he has already come up with some fab ideas for new designs and improvements, so watch this space!

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    Bye for now,

    Debbie x

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  2. Temporary Shop Closure

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    Temporary Shop Closure

    Ok, so I know Christmas is on its way and approaching very fast, but we are taking a brief break from 8-15th December, so will not be processing orders during that week.

    You may (or may not) remember that we are involved with a local charity that helps support a small rural village in The Gambia? Well, two of our team are taking a trip out there again to visit the families that we support, and see how the schools are getting on. As a company we also have donated some money towards their malaria campaign, which is rife in the area. It will be good to catch up with our friends over there (and get some sunshine in – sorry!)

    Don’t worry though, there is still time to order your PlayBag in time for Christmas. We will be getting orders out on Thursday 7th, and Saturday 16th and posting all orders first class including your free Christmas Bobball. Anything urgent, the office will still be manned by the other members of the team ;) 

    Why not check out our Christmas Shop here.

    Debbie x

  3. The Technology Gap

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    When we think back to twenty years ago, what do you feel is the thing that has changed the most? For me, I straight away thought, technology! Definitely! We have realy come a long way since VHS tapes and Walkmans; nowadays it almost seems like children are born with phones in their hands. The next generation with thumbs that could kill due to their strength from texting. So as a teenager who doesn't really have that much of a liking for technology (says she writing this on her laptop with her phone by her side), it really bugs me when I see children who know how to work an iPod before they can walk. But I mean, that's just my opinion of course!


    But that's why I like seeing kids using normal conventonal toys, such as ones similar to our PlayBags for a convenient example. Not to seem stone age or anything.... We created the PlayBag in order to keep little Peter occupied whilst I was at training and sure enough, from an idea to a creation, and then from a creation to a company we grew. Paired with whatever is lying around the bottom of our bags, he is entertained for hours, lost in his own little world of imagination. No matter where we are; whether that be in a car, somebody's house or even at a restaurant waiting for a meal, we can always count on our PlayBag to keep little Peter far from boredom.

    Do let us know what toys you use with your PlayBag and follow us on Social media to keep up with our latest creations and ideas for using your PlayBag.

    Caitlin x

  4. Negotiating the Rollercoaster of Parenting

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    We all love our kids, but we know it can be a bit of a minefield out there! Although the basics are still the same, the world has changed so fast. I see this with my own children, who live in a fast-paced world where anything is available at the touch of a button. Six-year-old Peter does not have access to the internet or any electronic devices, although he is always asking for an iPad because “all his other friends have them”! I personally find it quite scary how freely information is available out there and not all of it is positive. The number of stories in the news and from other parents about how children have been injured or even worse from following trends on Instagram or copying daring feats from YouTube are getting scarily frequent.


    I discovered the Sue Atkins Parenting Show a while back and have been listening to her Podcast whilst getting on with various jobs around the house and find it a wealth of information and advice. She has her finger on the pulse of what is really going on out there, and her advice is relevant to parents of children of all ages. Sue Atkins is a Parenting Expert, Writer, Speaker, Broadcaster and Presenter as well as being a mother herself. She has had articles published all over the world as well as making regular appearances of TV shows such as “This Morning”. She understands the difficulties and pitfalls of parenting and offers no nonsense advice. Show website page:

    Sue Atkins long


    Check out her free podcast

    The Sue Atkins Parenting Show is a free, weekly show which addresses many different aspects of parenting. She both interviews and is interviewed by other experts to give us a balanced view of modern issues. Here is the link to Issue 31: Helping your kid become smart talkers to give you an idea. (Listen out for our advert ????). Each episode is between 20-40 minutes long and focusses on one or two aspects. The podcast is published every Friday and is easy to subscribe to!

    Definately worth a listen, and do check out her social media links below. Leave us a comment to let us know what you think?

     Debbie x

    Social and website links:

    The Sue Atkins Parenting Show on Twitter:

    Sue on Twitter:

    Sue on Facebook ‘Happy, Confident Kids with Sue Atkins’

    Sue’s Parenting Club