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  1. Where Have We Been?

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    You may have noticed that we have been fairly absent for the last few months! Firstly, I want to apologise for this. Life took a bit of an unexpected (and traumatic) turn and sadly it took my attention far away from the PlayBag Company. With the exception of fulfilling orders, the rest of the business has had to take a bit of a back seat recently and this means a lack of blogs, web updates and social media presence.

    On the positive side, we are back and stronger than ever with lots of exciting plans for the future. We have also had some time away on holiday and moved into a bigger (and sunnier) workspace, so are feeling re-inspired and reinvigorated.

    Exciting times ahead!

    Our social media will be having a fresh new look as I have delegated the majority onto my (nearly seventeen-year-old) daughter who is much more tech savvy and social media minded. She is also taking on some of my blogging and newsletters, so expect a slight change of tone there!

    This will leave me freer to concentrate on development of new products and driving the business forward. We are also in the process of developing some new products which we hope you will love! Please keep an eye on our Social Media to keep informed of our progress on this, and sign up to our newsletter which will highlight any offers and new products.

    Exciting times.....

    Debbie x

  2. Happy Second Birthday to us!!

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    We are 2

    Wow! Can’t believe we are another year older already. Today our blog is focussing on what has happened in this last (ridiculously fast) twelve months!

    Our achievements

    It feels like we have come such a long way this year, learning so many lessons – some the hard way! We have met some amazing people along the way, who have all had an impact on The PlayBags journey on one way or another.

    Since last march we have :

    • Been shortlisted in the most innovative toys for toddlers in the Mumii Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards.
    • A finalist in the Networking Mummies Business Recognition Awards for best new business.
    • Won the Queen Of Toy Bags award on Twitter
    • Partnered with Hewson and Nash and given them exclusivity on the brand-new Stepping Stones PlayBag Mini.

    Second year achievements

    Moving on

    We are also in the process of moving into dedicated premises which is an incredibly exciting move for us! We will still be in the same area, so the only thing that is changing is our address and we will let you know when this has all happened, but do keep your eye on our social media pages to see where we are up to on this!

    The future

    So what does the future hold for us? Well, we have lots of events planned from Baby and Toddler shows and visits to various parent and child groups to a two-day Christmas Sparkle event. See our events page for more details of our upcoming events.

    We are also in negotiations to form a new and exciting partnership which will hopefully allow our PlayBags to reach a wider market. More on this on a later blog!

    We have two new PlayBag Maxi’s in the pipeline: The Enchanted Garden which is currently in its play testing phase and the Farm, which is in its design phase. These are also going to be baby-friendly to ensure that you can get the most out of your designs


    We are also looking to create our own set of toys and accessories, some of which may be made into kits and patterns for you to make at home.

    If you have a group and would like us to come and show you our PlayBag and demonstrate them, please do get in touch.

    Please leave us a comment if you have any suggestions of toys or PlayBags that you would like us to create for our shop.

    Debbie xx