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  1. At the PlayBag Company, we like to give a little back to our communities, so here’s the lowdown on some of what we do on a personal and professional level.

    On a professional level, when I started up this little company, I made a conscious decision to give a portion of income to charity. On a personal note I strongly believe in giving back to the community and as such will often be found baking for some local charity or fundraiser.

    Cancer Research Race for Life

    I have been taking part in Cancer Research’s Race for Life for over ten years now, and my daughter Caitlin has joined me for the last 5 of those. Are we well matched? No not really! She is a sprinter, I am slow and steady so we tend to keep passing each other. However, when that finish line is in sight, we both get a bit competitive and race to the end. As she has youth and long legs on her side, she usually does beat me!

    This year will be slightly different as we have opted to do the Pretty Muddy version! I am looking forward to getting muddy tomorrow and am hoping that we will stick together this year as I think I may need her help!!


  2. One day of heat and we have all gone into meltdown! Daughter’s school even had to close for the day which just goes to show that we are not prepared for any extremes of weather here in Old Blighty!

    Just in case this heatwave decides to continue this week we decided to share with you some of our favourite things for keeping cool.

    Facial spritz: nearly as good as having a bucket of water thrown at you! To make your own simply make a brew of green tea, allow to cool and pour into a spray bottle. Simple! Green tea has many benefits in natural cosmetics due to its calms the skin and has apparently got antiaging benefits! Bonus!!


  3. Here at last! I am now able to offer you the option of a custom PlayBag!

    Although the wait time is a bit longer as each PlayBag is made to order, this new option allows you to choose the outer fabric, pocket options and the inner design.

    1: Outer Fabric

    I have given some choices to give you an idea of the sort of fabrics I use, however if you do fancy something a bit different, let me know and I will see what I can source from my suppliers!

    outer fabric