About us

Welcome to our "About us" Page!

If you have arrived here, you probably know all about how the PlayBag idea was born.... if not, check out our The PlayBag Story page to find out more.

The PlayBag Co had been a team of three: Myself, my daughter Cait and my son Peter. Since eldest born Cait is now in her third year of Uni, and is crazy busy with study, sports, and travel, she no longer runs the social media side of things. She has trained Peter up well, and is still there encouraging, advising, and motivating me behind the scenes!

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek into the lives of the PlayBag team! 


Hi! I'm Debbie, creator of the PlayBag :) 

I'm in charge of making all the PlayBags that you see in the shop. I also maintain the website, write the newsletters and blogs, do the social media, photography, fabric orders and general admin and marketing...phew!!!

When I'm not busy with the PlayBag Co and home schooling, I can be found playing the piano, dancing, at the gym, woodcarving or enjoying time with my children - my inspiration! 


Hi, I'm Peter!

My mum started making PlayBags for me when I was 2 years old.  I'm now 11 years old and help the business by doing most of the stuff to do with computers and technology including videos, animations and creating social media posts. 

I'm home schooled and I like doing cycling, baking, gaming, and playing on my hoverboard in my spare time.