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About us

Welcome to our "About us" Page!

If you have arrived here you probably know all about how the PlayBag idea was born.... if not, check out our The PlayBag Story page to find out more.

Here, we will indroduce ourselves, the part we play in the PlayBag Company and a little bit about ourselves so you can get to know us better! We are a small team that holds family values at the heart of all that we do. We each bring our own unique strengths to the company, as we are all such different people! One of the things l love about the PlayBag is that it encourages good old fashioned imaginative play without the need for technology!

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek into the lives of the PlayBag team! 


Hi! I'm Debbie, creator of the PlayBag :) 

I'm in charge of making all the PlayBags that you see in the shop. I also maintain the website, write the newsletters and blogs, do the social media, photography, fabric orders and general admin and marketing...phew!!!

When I'm not busy with the PlayBag Co, I can be found playing the piano, dancing, woodcarving or enjoying time with my family - my inspiration! 



I'm in charge of the Instagram account, photograhy and editing. I also do the quality checks at various stages of production. With an A-Level in art, I have a keen eye for detail and overall aesthetics. 

You won't find me sitting still for very long! As well as my studies in criminal psychology, I regularly compete in baton twirling both nationally and internationally so can often be found at the gym or training centre!


Hi, I'm Peter!

My mum started making PlayBags for me when I was 2, and I still love taking them out with me. I help with new designs, testing and I also love making short animations, using the PlayBags. 

I love sports, especially cycling, running and swimming. I also love steam engines and like going to steam rallys.