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The PlayBag – your portable play station!

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Why did you create the PlayBag?

Life seemed so simple as a mother to one child! Along came number two and with him a whole new set of challenges. One being keeping him entertained while I was out running after my highly competitive teenage daughter! This was the motivation behind creating The PlayBag. I needed to keep him occupied in limited spaces several nights a week. I needed something that would not take up too much space, tidy away quickly and give him a clean place to play.

 After a few years of tweaking and modifying the design, The PlayBag Company was started in Spring 2015.

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 Check out “The PlayBag Story” blog to find out more about how we started.

Who are we?

debbie and caitlin

 We are a small family run business based in rural Northamptonshire. When I say we, I mean it is pretty much me who does most stuff from the designing, creating, marketing and a whole host of other tasks that I didn’t know existed until recently! I have plenty help though from my super busy straight talking teenage daughter who has an eye for detail and who keeps me motivated. And also, my very demanding son, who gives me ideas, helps making prototypes and has the seriously important job of play testing every new design and deciding whether they go forward into production!

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